Beechcroft Business

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At Beechcroft Retreats we enable you to develop at a pace that suits you. Whether working full time or part time, it is flexible enough for you to achieve to the level you want.

The focus of this business opportunity is selling our retreats and there are varying levels of commission to reward you on selling larger quantities.


Intensive Taster Programme - this programme's earning potential is: 

10 clients per month = £650  (£65 referral fee per sale plus *20% off all treatments)

20 clients per month = £1,700 (£85 referral fee per sale plus *25% off all treatments)

30 clients per month = £2,850 (£95 referral fee per sale plus *30% off all treatments)

                                                       50 clients per month = £6,250 (£125 referral fee per sale plus *40% off all treatments)

This package gives you a *% discount on all treatments, with a half day free lunch and sauna and a Bonus of a free consultation with Merlee (no cash alternative).


This earning system is presented in four commission brackets:-

Advance Commission*-  10 clients per month, giving you cash earning of £2,000 With the added Bonus of 1 free day with a friend at Beechcroft Retreats including infrared sauna and a delicious Merlee's Magic Organic Vegetarian lunch (no cash alternative) and 25% off all treatments.

Platinum Commission** - 20 clients gives you a cash earning of £4,500 you and 1 family members will receive the priceless gift of health, a free consultation with Merlee plus 30% discount on all treatments PLUS! a BIG Bonus of 2 Day Retreat with a friend including a massage, infrared sauna, for two days indulge yourself in the lush green peaceful settings of Beechcroft, enjoy beautifully prepared organic food, From Merlee's wonderful range of organic recipes  (no cash alternative)

Platinum Plus Commission*** - 30 clients per month gives you cash earnings of £8,250. The health benefits will offer you and 4 family members the priceless gift of health rewards of:

1 years FREE health consultations, with Merlee 40% discounts on all treatments 10% discount on some of our supplement range PLUS our Gratitude BONUS package of.... A FREE full 3 day retreat with a friend included Massage sauna and luxury non surgical face lift treatment, all meals included  (no cash alternative)

Super Advanced Commission**** - this programme is for the individual who recognises ... that their true wealth is their health!! And for that this package offers the most benefits, not only will you gain fabulous discounts and earning, but will get the opportunity to work alongside Merlee on her weekend retreats...

This is a very sort after position.

50 clients per months for the 7 day safe liver/ gallbladder cleanse, earning benefits £15,000, you and 5 family members can visit for a Full Day (no cash alternative) inc FREE consultation with Merlee and a Sauna with a 75% discount on any weekend retreats....

If your sales target reaches 100 clients in any one month your earnings would reach £35,000 with a personal discount of 75% off all treatments.  Your added BONUS would be: 1 - liver/gallbladder cleanse at 50% discount. You will also get our appreciation special gift of a personal cooking class (with our non toxic cooking system) PLUS a free trip to India with flights and accommodation. (Dates tba as we only run this trip once a year)

Whatever level you choose to work to the benefits will enhance and improve your life none of the above offers or benefits is for a one off sale of single treatments, it only applies to the targets reached, you will be asked to sign a legal contract with Beechcroft Retreats, which is aimed at protecting all parties involved in these transactions. All Sales Persons will be given a unique code so we are fully aware of who has produced the enquiry/booking.

Please note any monthly bonuses can be sold or transferred by you to whom ever you wish but please advise us of any clients taking your place. 

This is virtually a no cost, no risk business opportunity. So, what have you got to lose?

Are you ready to take the next step??