Beechcroft Business

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Who We Are

Some of you have been experiencing the benefits of healthy living and well being, through Beechcroft Retreats and the Sanctuary of Light clinic in London, for some time now and will agree that the service is of a very high standard and quality and that the practitioners are very passionate. This passion, integrity and professionalism is a rich tapestry which you will see interweaved between the two businesses.

For those who are yet to have this experience, you’re starting an exciting and life changing journey to good health, which has many rewarding benefits.

Regardless of your experiences so far, one thing that you all have in common is your decision to take the first steps to becoming involved in the Beechcroft business.


Over a very short period you will learn more about my business – Beechcroft Retreats and the Sanctuary of Light – and gain an insight into how you, in turn, can earn an income as someone who is part of my business,

As you may know, I have been on my own journey for the past 30 years and 
have built my business from small beginnings. There are so many more opportunities waiting to be taken, explored, embraced and fulfilled – not just for myself but for all of us, if we have the courage and belief.

This pack provides you with some additional background information about the business opportunity available. It is not intended to provide all of the answers. Please feel free to ask for further information if you need it.

Once you have had time to digest everything and reflect upon what you have discovered about this business opportunity, then I hope that you will make the decision to come on board. I am very proud of this business and have invested a great deal in its success. The people who are being invited to get involved are therefore, selected very carefully.

I look forward to working with you and wish you a bright future with us.

Merlee Harris Managing Director


Beechcroft Retreats and the Sanctuary of Light have a proven track record and reputation, built up over many years. We are now poised to take the business to the next level and with that provide others with the opportunity to be involved in its success.

Becoming involved in the business will mean that you can enjoy additional income on a part time or full time basis. It will also enable you to run your own business, either alongside your existing business activities or employment. Moreover, Beechcroft Retreats is all about healthy lifestyles - you will also be able to benefit from the treatments and retreats yourself.

The rewards are undoubtedly there for the earning. It’s whether you have the energy, drive, commitment and motivation to succeed?

You are dealing with a very successful business. This puts you at an advantage over other business opportunities that exist. What better way to achieve success than with the support of a successful business behind you? That doesn’t mean we do all the work! In order to maintain and enhance the Beechcroft brand, it is important that we choose people that have both the ability and commitment to work with us over the long term.

The level of effort you put in will determine how successful you are and how much you earn. The financial rewards do not come without the required effort and time commitment.

We are looking for determined, driven individuals who have a passion for life and well being for themselves and others.

When we appoint our people we provide them with the business format to succeed as well as training, advice, support and best practices too. Combined with your own sustained personal effort and commitment this will enable you to be successful.